Cream cheese balls

Cream cheese balls – well seasoned as an aperitif

Looking for another idea for a quick, easy, colorful, and well-seasoned aperitif snack?

Here’s one: cream cheese balls with spices.

Cream cheese balls

You only need two ingredients for this: Cream cheese and spices.

The cream cheese should not be too moist, otherwise, it will stick to your hands. That would be a shame because you’d lose a lot of cheese.

This is the best way:

  • The cream cheese should be very cold. You can also put it in the freezer for about half an hour.
  • The cheese balls should have a bite-size, if you bite them off, they crumble easily.
  • For spices, you can use what you like, either single spices or mixes. I used curry, nasi goreng, paprika, Tasmanian pepper, and votasiperryferry pepper
  • Simply roll the balls in the chosen spice and twist them again in the palms of your hands.
Cream cheese balls

Have fun and enjoy!

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