On my blog, there are several post that I refer to product recommendation, product placement, advertising or affiliate links. It is important to know that all articles are written by myself and contain my own opinion and experience. I only write reviews for products or services that match Sapori del Mondo.

What are the different types of advertising?


Product recommendation:

Posts with recommendations for self-purchased products or services. Also links to other sites I like. (such as other blogs, hotels, travel companies, services, etc.)


Product placement:

Posts to non-binding and free provided products or services that I have tested myself (e.g. household products, trips, visits, events, etc.).



Paid posts to specific topics or products that I have tested myself. (e.g. trips, hotels, household products, etc.)



Through an “affiliate link” I refer to a product that I like, on another website. If you buy something through this link, you pay the same for the product, but I get a commission.