Spiced salt

Spiced salt – homemade

Do you sometimes have way too many spices?

I often feel that way! You can easily make your own spiced salt with it!

spiced salt

When I find a new spice during vacation, I want to try it. I use it then too, but I just can’t use as many spices as I buy.

Then I also get a lot of spices as gifts because all my friends know I love spices.

Also, I had to find new suppliers (unfortunately, my long-time supplier closed his business) and that’s how I got a lot of spice samples.

Well, this way sometimes the spices pile up in my kitchen.

spices for spiced salt
spices for spiced salt

Since most spices lose some of their flavor when stored for a long time, it’s better to use them up within 1-2 years.

By the way, you can find storage tips for spices here.

When my spices pile up and I can’t find any more room in my spice drawer, it’s time to make spice salt again.

It’s quick and easy.

I not only mix spices with salt but herbs as well.

Of course, I try to make the spice salt harmonious and balanced so it really tastes good.

One great thing about it is that homemade seasoned salt tastes different every time, depending on what you mix into the salt.

What do you have to look for when making spiced salt?

  • The spices and herbs must be dry, otherwise the salt will clump together.
  • Do not use spices or herbs that have completely lost their flavour.
  • The spices and herbs should not be too coarse, I usually grind them additionally, unless they are already in powder form
  • No ingredient should predominate
  • Strong spices should be dosed carefully (for example star anise or chili)

You can decide which direction your spice salt should have exotic/spicy/mild/floral etc

The ratio of salt to spices you can determine yourself

My blends usually have about 1 part spices/herbs and 4 parts salt in volume. But this is a matter of taste.

Very well you can also make spice salts with a certain flavor, for example:

  • Pepper salt
  • Herb salt
  • Curry salt

Such salts are also excellent as gifts or souvenirs.

How do you make spiced salt?

spices for spiced salt

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