Miscela di spezie per insalata

Salad-spice-mixture – once differently

Usually, in Europe, it’s mainly herbs that are used in a salad seasoning mixture

Parsley, basil, onion greens, and chives are the typical ones. Dill, lovage, and celery are added according to taste.

fresh parsley
dried Parsley
dried parsley

Very often garlic and onion powder are also used. The herb mixture is then mixed with vinegar and oil. Olive oil is often used as oil. In more northern countries also rapeseed, safflower, or sunflower oil.

In Asia, however, other oils and spices are used

Such as sesame oil. Fresh ginger is also often added, and sometimes even fermented fish sauce. Vinegar is also made from other basic ingredients. Depending on what grows in the country itself, rice vinegar or coconut vinegar. Lime juice is also often used as a substitute for vinegar.

In the Middle East, however, other ingredients are added to the salad

For example, sesame seeds, or refreshing ingredients such as lemon peel or sumac. And sometimes also chili.

Chili for Chili-oil

With this background knowledge, I felt like creating my own salad spice mixture

And one that harmoniously combines the different flavors.

It has European, Asian, and Middle East components.

At first, I only mixed it directly at my stall at the market. Then, of course, it was not the same every time, because the proportions were not always the same. And this mixture was also only on offer when I sold at the market myself. It was my own spontaneous mixture.

In the meantime, I have officially written the recipe and I am happy to pass it on to you

The mixture goes well not only with salads but also with vegetables, casseroles, and even chicken.

You can make this mixture in stock and store it dry without any problems!

Here is the recipe for about 70 g of the mixture:

  • 10 g celery salt (salt with ground celery seeds)
  • 15 g pepper seasoned (pepper, red bell pepper flakes)
  • 12 g turmeric
  •   5 g ginger powder
  • 12 g fenugreek powder
  • 10 g sumac
  • 15 g zahtar (sumac, thyme, sesame seeds)

What is indispensable for you in a salad?

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