30 recipe ideas with spices for autumn

What do I cook today – And the answer!

Does this often happen to you?

  • Sometimes you don’t know what to cook
  • And do you cook then always the same?
  • You have little time for cooking
  • You want to use more spices, but don’t know how

Here comes help!

Many classic recipes can be spiced up with just a few spices.

Here I have 30 recipe ideas for the autumn. Partly classics, partly rather unusual.

Many vegetarian menus, a few also with meat or fish. With ideas from around the world, all quickly made and simple.

But all well-seasoned!

  1. Bananafritters with tomato sauce
  2. Cauliflower with olives, dried tomatoes, and bread-cheese crumble
  3. Shrimp and coconut soup
  4. Sweet dumplings with vanilla cream(sweet)
  5. Djuvec with veggie cevapcici
  6. Beetroot-carrot salad cooked
  7. Minced meat with croissants + apple sauce
  8. Vegetable casserole
  9. Breaded celery
  10. Minced meat gratin with vegetables
  11. Hummus
  12. Potato salad and polpettine
  13. Jambalaya
  14. Pumpkin soup
  15. “Malfatti di zucca” – pumpkin dumplings with sage butter
  16. Chickpeas with eggplant and zucchetti
  17. Nut burger
  18. Tomato-Cheese-Pie
  19. Chicken with peanut sauce and curcuma rice
  20. Spicy mashed potato cakes
  21. Rice with zucchini and chicken
  22. Hash potatoes “Rösti” with fried eggs
  23. Saffron sauce with boiled eggs
  24. Spaetzli with mushroom sauce and red cabbage
  25. Spinach with eggs
  26. Toast with brie, pears, and honey/balsamic vinegar
  27. Omelette with mushrooms
  28. Fish with Brussels sprouts
  29. Filet Roast
  30. Pasta with swiss chard sauce with roasted seeds

Would you like to have the recipes?

I created for you a digital booklet of fall menus.

Menu autumn
Recipe booklet with autumn menu

The recipe booklet contains all the recipes listed.

A total of 40 recipes, explained step by step and easy to cook

Most of them require only a few ingredients and are ready in 30 minutes.

You can buy it for 4.50 Euro

After payment, you can download it immediately and print it out if you want.

Have fun trying it out!

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