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Green tea – 7 important rules to prepare it right

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Not all kinds of tea are the same! And by tea, I mean only the drink made from “Camellia Sinensis“. No fruit, herb, or redbush infusions. But even if I only mean the teas from the “Camellia Sinensis“, there are different kinds and they are prepared in distinct ways. Today I’ll show you what’s important when preparing green tea.

Green tea is a bit trickier to prepare than black tea. If green tea is prepared incorrectly, it becomes bitter and then unfortunately no longer tastes as good.

Maybe this has already happened to you. You are looking forward to a fine cup of tea, but unfortunately, it does not taste as it should.

But – a properly brewed green tea is a pleasure!

The preparation is not difficult, you should only follow a few points – and success is guaranteed!

How is green tea prepared?

There are seven important points you need to keep in mind to enjoy a good cup of green tea.

My recommendations apply to loose tea leaves, which, to me, give a better taste than tea bags.

1. Tea quality

  • Good tea quality is worthwhile, and it is always better to buy small quantities of tea. At UMITEASETS you can find a rich selection of really good green tea. (And if you enter the code SM5FF when ordering, you get a 5% discount and I get a small commission).
  • It should be stored in a closed, airtight container, in a place protected from light. Glass, metal, or porcelain containers are suitable.

2. Amount of tea

  • You can calculate one teaspoon per cup (2 dl), plus another teaspoon for the pot. That seems like a lot at first sight, but with green tea, you can use the same leaves several times.
  • You can easily dilute a tea that is too strong, but a tea that is too weak is lost.

3. Water quality

  • Good water quality is extremely important to get a good cup of green tea. Green tea is very sensitive to calcareous water. It makes the tea bitter and changes the fine taste negatively.
  • A water filter can be helpful in this case.
  • Chlorinated water, on the other hand, is not suitable at all. If your tap water is chlorinated, you can use bottled water with low calcium content.

4. The right temperature

  • Green tea does not tolerate boiling water. Too hot water dissolves the bitter substances in the tea. The correct temperature is between 60-80°C, depending on the quality of the tea.
  • You can use a thermometer, but you can boil the water and let it cool for 5 minutes covered if you don’t have one. At this point, it will be about 80°C hot.
  • Another option is the following: You can transfer the hot water from one jug to another. It loses about 5°C each time you pour it.

5. Infusion time

  • It is important not to let the green tea brew too long. Only between 15 seconds and 2 minutes, otherwise it becomes bitter and the quality of the tea plays an important role. The higher the quality of the tea, the longer the brewing time.
  • Green tea can be brewed several times. You can use the same tea leaves up to four times (same day). In the morning you have a tea with more caffeine and over the course of the day, it becomes milder and milder.

6. Suitable dishes

  • Freshly prepared green tea is a real pleasure and therefore it is better to prepare small amounts of tea to drink immediately. This means using small tea jugs and making several infusions.

7. Suitable filters

  • It is best not to use a filter at all, but to let the tea leaves float freely in the pot and then pour them into a cup (or even better into another jug and only then into a cup) with the help of a sieve.
  • If you want to use a filter, it should be as big as possible so that the tea leaves can unfold as well as possible. Small filters, such as the classic tea eggs, are not suitable because of their size.

As you can see, a fine cup of green tea needs a bit of preparation – but the effort is definitely worth it!

What experiences have you had with green tea? Or do you have any questions? Let me know – I’m happy to help!

So, now I wish you an enjoyable “tea time”

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