Spezie per tè aromatizzato

Flavored tea – homemade

Do you like tea?

Pure black or green tea is something wonderful. But sometimes you may crave a particular flavor.

There are many classic flavored teas. Such as Earl Grey black tea or green jasmine tea.

Rooibos or fruit teas are also altered with flavors. Mostly, however, these are not so classic, but are adapted to the season and partly change from year to year.

Flavors or essential oils are mostly used in flavored teas

Only very high-quality, expensive teas use fresh flavors, for example, fresh flowers.

In this case, the fresh tea leaves are mixed with fresh blossoms so that the fine aroma of the blossoms is transferred to the leaves. Afterward, the blossoms are picked out again. This procedure is very time-consuming, making these teas quite expensive.

Sometimes dry blossoms are added to flavored teas. Since dry flowers unfortunately no longer smell so strong, they are mainly decorative.

You can also flavor tea yourself, according to your taste

Spices are particularly suitable for this. But also, orange or lemon peels fit. You can cut the peels into small pieces and let them dry. You can add spices to the tea each time or make a ready-made tea blend.

Especially good are:

And if you wish to have a particularly simple and fast alternative, you can just use spice syrup.

With chai syrup, you have several spices together.

You can find a recipe for chai syrup here.

Such a self-flavored tea is also a nice, personal Christmas gift.

Which flavored tea do you like best?

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