advent wreath with decorations

Decorations with spices

Spices are very nice for decorating

There are many beautiful decorative spices. For example, star anise, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom.

The nice thing about these spices is that they also smell amazing

Most of these spices smell like winter, if not Christmas ?

And so, they fit wonderfully into this time of year.

There are several ways to use spices for decorations

Here is a small selection:

  • Advent wreath: You can decorate the Advent wreath with spices.
advent wreath with decorations
  • Pot-pourri: You can put together a simple pot-pourri: arrange different spices nicely in a container or plate.
  • Oranges with cloves: You can combine spices with other materials. For example, put cloves decoratively in an orange. This is beautiful and smells wonderful. And children love to make this decoration. If the orange peel is too hard, you can poke holes with a thin knitting needle before inserting the cloves.
orange with cloves
  • On gifts: These spices also look good on gift packages. Or on Advent calendar packages.
advent calendar with spice decorations
  • Table decorations: either on each napkin or spread all over the table.
  • On or in candles: On the candles as decoration and in the candles for the fragrance.
  • Spice “paintings”: create a beautiful “painting” with different spices.

And then, of course, there is the spice binder

Decorations: spice crown
spice bouquet a decorations

These compositions are also known as Biedermeier bouquets.

In this process, up to 400 cloves are wrapped with a wire to create a small ring. These spice rings decorate, for example, a candle or the salon table.

spice bouquet
spice bouquet
spice bouquet

This is, of course, higher art and requires skilled hands – like those of Maria Dänzer. She is a gardener and flower arranger, and every year enriches the various Christmas markets with her spice bouquets.

What do you do with decorative spices?

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