Stelle di cannella

Cinnamon stars

There’s cinnamon fragrance in the air!

What would Christmas be without cinnamon? Cinnamon in vin brûlé, cinnamon in chai and of course cinnamon in cinnamon stars.

They are a real classic in our latitudes (Europe) and immediately put us into Christmas mood.

Cinnamon stars are made with only a few ingredients and are gluten and lactose-free.

Nevertheless, they are not easy to make, the dough is very fragile and sticky, but the work is rewarded with a wonderfully fragrant cookie.

Good pre-cooling of the dough and fast work when cutting is important. Rolling out on enough sugar or between two parchment papers helps.

And if you dip the cookie cutter in icing sugar between cuts, the dough won’t stick to it either.

What are the ingredients for cinnamon stars?

Icing sugar and beaten egg white, almonds or hazelnuts and of course cinnamon. And if you like it, a little cherry liqueur.

Then there is the question whether almonds or hazelnuts belong in a cinnamon star. There are different schools of thought about that. Anyways both work, almonds are finer in taste, hazelnuts a bit crunchier. I prefer them with almonds. And while we’re at it – I don’t use Ceylon cinnamon, but cassia cinnamon, which is sweeter.

After cutting them out, the biscuits are dried before baking

This keeps them soft inside and crispy outside.

Let’s start the Christmas biscuit season!

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