chili oil

Chili oil – homemade

Do you like your food spicy?

But your roommates don’t?

Then such a hot chili oil is perfect!

So, everyone determines the spiciness of their food themselves.

Maybe you know this spicy chili oil from the Italian restaurant, where it’s served with pizza and pasta.

It’s very easy to make yourself!

All you really need is good oil – and chili, of course.

And a little patience. It takes about two weeks for the oil to infuse properly.

I use olive oil, but sunflower oil or canola oil is also suitable.

You can make the oil with fresh chilies, or with dried ones.

Chili for Chili-oil

I personally prefer the dry chili, the fresh is a little trickier on mold.

If you need fresh chilies, you need to cut them in half and remove the stem, then wash and dry very, VERY well.

The dried chili you can use just how it is. Chili flakes also work well.

Depending on the type of chili, the oil will be more or less spicy

If you remove the seeds and partitions as well as the stem, it will be less spicy.

(If you want to know why that is, you can find more information about it here).

But it does get spicier, the longer you store it

Speaking of storage, it will keep longest if it’s in a place away from light, or in a dark bottle.

Per deciliter of oil, calculate about 1 tsp of chili, depending on the variety. If you find the oil too spicy, you can “dilute” it a bit with more oil.

If you want to flavor the oil, even more, you can add dried herbs.

Oregano, thyme, and basil go particularly well.

Here’s the recipe:


  • 1 tsp. chili (fresh, dried, or flakes)
  • 1 dl good oil
  • Ev. ½ tsp dried herbs


Mix everything together

Pour into a clean, dry bottle and let sit, protected from light, for 2 weeks

Where do you use chili oil?

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