Chai jellies + mulled wine jellies

Chai jellies/Mulled vine jellies

Still have chai spice mix or mulled wine mix leftover from the holidays?

Why not try these chai jellies or mulled wine jellies!


Chai jellies mulled wine jellies


They go great with ice cream or just as a sweet treat


Before you can make the jellies, you need the appropriate liquid: mulled wine or chai.



You can find the recipe for mulled wine here and the recipe for chai here.

To make jelly’s, they need to be a little sweeter than for drinking.


To gelify I use agar agar because it is vegan and therefore suitable for all.


Here is the recipe:


2 dl liquid (mulled wine or chai).

3 g ager-agar


Stir the agar-agar into the cold liquid and bring to a boil while stirring with a whisk.

Then pour into suitable containers and let cool, in the refrigerator for about 2 hours to become solid

They become especially pretty in ice cube moulds.


Chai jellies + mulled wine jellies Chai jellies + mulled wine jellies


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