carcadè flower

Carcadè flower drink – pure refreshment

Carcadè flowers are beautiful and make a wonderfully refreshing drink

Carcadè flower tea is drunk in many African countries. In Egypt, this drink can even be called a national drink. But also in Sudan and Burkina Faso, it is drunk in large quantities and is even cultivated. The whole, dried carcadè flowers are sold there on the market. And also the finished drink is offered.


carcadè flower
carcadè flower


Carcadè is a type of hibiscus and belongs to the mallow family

Here in Europe, the carcadè flower is mainly known because it is an important ingredient of many fruit teas. Actually, all fruit teas that have a strong red colour have carcadè as a basic ingredient. Often rosehip tea is also mixed with it. In these mixtures, however, the carcadè flower is cut in pieces.

Carcadè flower drinks are drunk hot or cold. In both variants, they are very thirst-quenching

Cold carcadè flowers are often enjoyed as a highly sweetened, syrupy drink. This drink is also called Bissap. Carcadè blossoms are boiled down with sugar until syrup is produced. This is then diluted with water in a glass. It is also drunk instead of fruit juice and sometimes lemon juice is added, which is very tasty.

Carcadè is very refreshing, but also sour. If it stays in the water for too long, the drink becomes bitter and astringent. Most impressive is probably the colour of this flower. It is deep purple and gives its colour to the water as well.

Carcadé also gives the colour and the refreshing, sour taste to Purple Curry. Although Purple-Curry is probably a rather recent invention. Carcadè is actually not a traditional ingredient of curry.

For one litre of warm carcadè tea, you can pour boiling water over 1 – 2 tablespoons of carcadè flowers and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Then sieve and sweeten to taste.

If you like, you can add more flavours to the drink. For example, with fresh ginger, vanilla or some orange blossom water.

And of course, you can let it cool down and enjoy it cold or iced!

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