Bananen in Kokosmilch gekocht

Bananas in coconut milk – a simple Thai dessert

Well, after the recipes for a Thai meal, the only thing missing now is that for a dessert.

Thai desserts are often a bit unusual for our palate

We tend to use whipped cream, a lot of sugar and chocolate, whereas in Thailand ingredients are used that we don’t usually associate with dessert. For example pumpkin, corn, red beans, rice and potatoes. Different consistencies are also very important. There are colourful jellies that are used as decoration over puddings and ice. And by ice I don’t necessarily mean ice cream but just plain ice flakes. Mango with sticky-rice, on the other hand, is always sprinkled with something crispy like roasted seeds or peanut pieces.

Eggs are also eaten a lot in Thailand, especially the egg yolk is often used in desserts. And coconut and its milk are almost never missing from any dessert. As a sauce, cooked in a pumpkin, as a filling in crêpes, as crumbles on small dough packages filled with bean-paste, banana-paste or taro-paste.

The fruit is also very important in Thailand, it’s been eaten for dessert, or as a snack

Fruit cups with peeled fruit can be bought on every street corner. In addition, there is a small bag with coloured sugar or with a spicy granulate. This way we again have the mix of different tastes ?

Bananas are available in Thailand in many different varieties and are often eaten with pleasure.

Here is a dessert recipe with bananas that we cooked in a cooking class with Suwannee Kwan Cheablam in Chiang Rai.

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