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All about spices – 6 FAQ and the answers

Spices are an important ingredient for almost every kitchen

spices everything about spices

Often you can taste the country a food comes from.

And spiced food makes us travel to faraway places in our minds.

nutmeg and mace

Spices generally have a “classic” use, which has always been used in the same way by generations

But it is almost always possible to experiment, to play with different flavors and use them in dishes in completely new ways.

I would like to encourage you to try the individual spices, imagine what they would go with and then use them according to your imagination.

Well spiced, even a simple meal can become very special!

maroccan dish


Maybe you already know me. If not, I would like to introduce myself briefly:

I’m Daniela and I’ve been working with spices and tea since 2002. I help cooking enthusiasts to use spices skillfully and in a great variety of dishes. In addition, I help to bring diversity into the everyday kitchen with simple and quick recipes.

Since 2002 a lot has happened, besides selling spices and tea at various markets, I also give spice and tea courses and theme evenings with cooking.

Over the years I have been asked many things and with this spice and tea blog, I would like to answer many questions and help everyone whom spices and tea mean as much as me.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about a particular topic, just drop a comment or e-mail, I’m looking forward to it.

What helps you to season like a pro?

  1. spices – in a good quality. And they should be fresh. It’s best to buy them from your trusted spice seller.
  2. imagination, so you can imagine where you can use the different spices.
  3. knowledge, so you know what you can combine, which spice goes with what and how much of what you need –> and here I come into play ?

In the beginning, it might be easier to follow my recipes step by step. But you’ll see, the more you use spices, the easier it gets. And with time, just use the recipes as inspiration, and let your imagination run wild.

The most common questions about spices are:

1. What is a spice?

  • there are several definitions, I like this one best: “An ingredient which is intended to enhance the flavor of a food”.
  • there are different thoughts on this depending on what country you live in and what you learned from your parents.

2. How to store spices?

  • protected from moisture, air and light
  • in neutral containers
  • shielded from foreign odors

3. How long can I store my spices?

  • whole spices at least 2 years
  • ground spices, properly stored, at least one year

Here you will find my bookmark with various spice storage tips!

4. Which spice goes with which food?

  • anything you like goes well ?
  • try different things
  • if you are unsure this table will surely help you –> table for easy spicing
Table spices mock up, all about spices

4. Which spices do I really need?

for sure some basic spices like:
then your favorite spices, for example:
to make your life easier –> spice blends:
  • Mixture for pulses: e.g. Garam Masala
  • For Arabic stews: e.g. Ras-el-hanout
  • For almost everything: Cajun
  • Barbecue mix: e.g. Outback, Chimmichurri
  • Salad mix: exotic with spices or traditional with herbs
  • Curry –> must not be missing in any kitchen

6. What else can I do with spices besides cooking?

decoration with spices, all about spices

Spices are an enrichment in our everyday life. It’s fun to try new things and give our food that certain something. I’m happy if you let me know what new things you have tried.

If you have any questions about spices, I’m happy to help. Just write a comment or an e-mail and I will help you.

I’m happy to create tools to help you use spices better!

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