• tè oolong

    Oolong tea – the little known tea

    Oolong tea, the green-blue tea Oolong tea is produced from the leaves of Camellia sinensis like green tea or black tea. It’s called green-blue tea in the traditional Chinese chromatic classification. Green-blue because the – mostly rolled – tea leaves…

  • Tea

    Pu-erh – the fermented tea

    Pu-erh is a tea made from the plant Camellia sinensis   In a previous post, I introduced the color classification of tea based on the traditional Chinese color classification.   According to this classification, there are six different tea colors:…

  • tea colours

    Six tea colors and their meaning

    As is well known, not all teas are the same!   And by tea, I mean the infusion drink made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. And not the various other infusion drinks made from different fruits, leaves, and herbs.…