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Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Daniela and I am the happy co-owner of a spice and tea business, which I started  together with my husband Matthias in 2002. We live and work in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, but our mother tongue is German.

Since 2002 a lot has happened- We already hold spice and tea courses along with theme cooking evenings. Plus, we have been  asked to organize spice trips ?, who knows, maybe this is the next step.

Personally, cooking is not my thing, it has to be quick and easy and I mostly leave it to my husband… BUT, I do enjoy eating and I certainly love to try everything new, especially if it’s well seasoned. On our travels around the equator (we love the hot and humid climate) we find ourselves always looking for new spices and join lokal cooking classes. Once back at home, full of inspiration, we are excited to pass on our new ideas to everyone who is interested.

During past years I have been asked many different questions connected to spice, tea and travel. With this blog I would like to answer as many questions as possible in the hope to satisfy everyone. On top of that there are also recipes….

Let’s spice!!


  • You love spices, but don’t know how to use them?

I’ll give you great ideas on how to use which spice.

  • On your last trip, you ate something interesting, and would like to cook it now, but you don’t know what spices you need?

Since I like to try new cuisines on my own trips, I will post recipes from far away countries.

  • You bought a spice during your holidays, but don’t know what you can cook with it?

This often happens to me as well and during the years I’ve experimented a lot with spices and I like to pass on my ideas.

  • You sometimes have food leftovers and are looking for ideas on how to use them ?

This is always a big topic in my kitchen and since I don’t throw away anything, I have many recipes.

  • You have little time and are looking for fine recipes that are cooked quickly ?

I am also not the big planner, often I do not look what I have in the fridge until 11:30 A.M. and then I cook lunch quickly….

  • You would like to try new flavours in traditional dishes?

The Easter lamb with Ras-el-hanout or the classic tomato sauce flavored with curry gives a whole new taste sensation.

  • You have often wondered where spices originally came from and would like to know more about their history ?

The history of spices is varied and exciting, I am happy to take you on this journey.

  • You have not shopped and need to improvise, but it should still taste good ?

A good seasoning can give a simple meal a great taste

  • You love to read travel diaries?

Maybe because you like traveling or just because they make you dream.

  • You are interested in what is typically eaten in other countries?

Me too, I also try everything and passionately like to attend cooking classes abroad. I am happy to bring back all the new ideas for you.

  • So far you only know tea as a remedy and wonder if it may as well taste good?

For tea as a remedy you may think of herbal tea, but tea from the plant Camelia Sinsenis is something else and tastes wonderful.

  • You are not quite sure how to prepare a white, green, yellow, blue-green, red and black tea?

Yes, they really all exist, let yourself be surprised.

  • You wonder if you can cook with tea too?

Of course, the imagination knows no bounds.

  • Finally, the most important point:

Tea, spices and travel bring you to your “happy place”?

Then you are in the right place here!


I’m looking forward to seeing you and if you want to learn more about a specific topic – let me know.


Next week there will be exceptional plum jam ?

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